Metal Sand Tile, Need to Install or Not?

What’s the meaning of a residence without a roof? The roof is a building element that plays an important role because it serves to protect residents from rain and heat. Plus, the roof can affect the exterior appearance of the residence. Therefore, the selection of roofs and house roof builder must be done properly. One of the best house roofers is roofing Appleton Wi. One type of roof that is often chosen is metal sand tile.

Although this metal sand tile has been widely used, it turns out there are still those who do not know the sundries or even hesitate to use it. If you feel that way, let’s look at the discussion regarding the following metal sand tiles!

  1. What is the metal sand tile?

Metal sand tile is a type of metal tile that has a sandy layer. The materials used for the manufacture of sand metal tile are galvalume AZ 100 steel, Zincalume, zinc phosphate, and Coraltex mixture. Metal sand tiles are available in several thicknesses, from 0.20 mm to 0.40 mm which is suitable for occupancy.

  1. Metal sand tiles are not raising the fire

The first advantage of metal sand tiles is that they have a property that does not magnify fire. That means when there is a fire the house will not get bigger and spread to other parts. Likewise, when the rainy season arrives and lots of lightning, sand metal tile is able to reduce lightning strikes safely to all parts of the roof. At least lightning will not make electricity in the home immediately experiencing a short circuit.

  1. Sand metal tile has anti-rust properties

The roof certainly faces rain and sun in turn which increases the risk of rust. Fortunately, this sand metal tile contains elements of zinc and aluminum so that it is anti-rust. Thus, sand metal tile does not need to be replaced for a long time.

This anti-rust coating is given before the painting process. As a result, the color of metal sand tiles has become more beautiful and durable. Oh yes, the color is quite diverse so that it can be adjusted to your liking.

  1. Metal sand tile can reduce noise and heat

Layers and materials for making metal sand tiles make it able to reduce noise from outside the house. For example, rain sounds and vehicle sounds. This is certainly very coveted by homeowners whose locations are close to the highway.

Not only does it reduce noise, but the sand metal tile is also able to reduce heat thanks to the galvalume steel content. At least this material is able to reflect 70{241b93684e361eb7a9e196169cfff84e57f39f34e1d5ecfe99f1b0aa1236088c} of sunlight so that the inside of the house becomes cooler even though the sun is shining hot.

  1. Durable sand metal tile

The materials contained in sand metal tiles make it able to last long in the midst of weather attacks. This sand metal tile is famous for its nature that is not easily broken, anti-fungal, anti-rust, anti-weathered, and termite resistant.

Even without special care, this sand metal tile can last even 10 years or more. In addition to saving time, of course, you do not need to spend more money to replace it in the near future.

  1. Sand metal tile has an interlock system

Ever heard of a case of theft at home through the roof of a house? This is very unlikely to happen if you use metal sand tiles because of the interlock system. The system will make the roof difficult to break from outside. Unlike clay tile which can be lifted easily.

Now you know what sand metal tile is and a number of advantages. Do you know if you want to install metal tile or not?