Is it healthy to work out every day?

How often should I train? Do I maintain or get additional benefits twice a week? Will I be in good physical shape after 5 days of training or is it enough 4 times? Here are just a few questions that everyone on US-Reviews is looking for answers to.

Perhaps one of the most popular questions among beginners. The truth is that there is no ideal number of sessions per week/month as there are always several variables to consider, so we start from the assumption that each individual is different depending on the free time available, diet and supplements. used as well as the level of rest and why not, dedication.

When it comes to establishing an effective number of training sessions, the following should be considered:


We all dream of an athletic, defined, well-worked body, but the truth is that not many people understand what that means. Just because your favorite athlete has just posted his training program and you are going to follow him, that cannot guarantee that you will have the same results. Why?

Because first of all, you have to realize how willing you are to follow a certain program or a diet. All this can involve smaller or larger sacrifices. Do you have time to go to the gym? Or rather, are you willing to take the time to get to the gym more often? Are you ok to sacrifice your social life? Give up a movie or a beer with friends on the terrace for a workout?

Rest and recovery

Practicing any type of sport requires recovery and rest, for this reason, it is essential to sleep between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night.

Lack of sleep affects the reduction of cortisol levels, decreases the percentage of body fat burning, and reduces the body’s energy level, which leads to impaired physical performance.

How to train effectively

To obtain performance and results as expected, a few basic rules will help you train more efficiently. For an effective workout at home, you can look into US stores about fitness equipment.

How well do you train and how effective are the exercises you do every time at the gym? What are the steps you need to follow for the results to appear?

  1. Start training with exercises you don’t like
  2. Avoid routine
  3. Resistance does not force!
  4. Try new exercises
  5. Train with your head!

How often should you exercise?

To a large extent, the frequency depends on the objectives. Usually, regardless of whether the goal is to gain muscle mass, increase your strength, or burn calories, it is advisable to dedicate at least 3 days a week to training. Thus, to influence caloric consumption, ie to lose weight, it is necessary to organize about 3-4 training sessions (maximum 6 sessions) per week.

The total duration of the training will not be less than 150 minutes/week, distributed in 3-6 days. Workouts should include both anaerobic (strength and muscle building) and aerobic (or cardio) exercises. You need specific exercises that train all parts of the body, even when you are only interested in localized weight loss.