Medicines From Plants In Ancient Times

In ancient times such as when Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, China, and England have known the benefits of these plants since the first.

In ancient times medicines from plants were used by physicians as a healer of societal disease, and even when ancient Egypt these plants were used to heal slaves when sick

Because the first treatment is very much in the society, the Chinese nobility at that time also had a personal healer for the processing of medicines from plants.

In Indonesia alone, the utilization of these family medicinal plants began to be done when the 17th century. One of the experts began to introduce a book that contains the science of treatment by using plants.

And the book is entitled De India e Untriusquere Naturali et Medica. In the book, he explains the benefits of about 60 types of medicinal plants that can be utilized. Starting from that began the development of research on medicines from plants on the basis of the book.

Efficacy of turmeric

Turmeric is a kind of root that is possible for people who love to cook is usually used as an extra spice to add a beautiful color.But besides the benefits given by this one plant is very much like preventing cancer, prevent leukemia, increase appetite, and even prevent heart disease.


Celery plants are plants that are not foreign to us. Usually, this plant is used as a food seasoning. But do not get me wrong first it turns out this plant also became one of natural medicine.Celery contains many vitamins, minerals, potassium, and iron are good for the body. In addition, celery can also cure blood deficiency or anemia, for skin beauty, cancer-fighting, and many more others.


Believe it or not, there are many cases where people grow cannabis in their homes, especially now that in many countries the great use of Medical Cannabis has been recognized and legalized.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a toga plant whose benefits have been tested from the time of the ancestors.Usefulness of this plant is able to maintain healthy hair, a means of skin rejuvenation, avoid constipation because aloe vera has many fibers and many more diseases that can be cured by aloe vera.

Roots of Imperata

Most people think of Imperata as a weed because it often grows wild in the yard of the house or in the garden. Though many benefits that we can encounter to support our health. Imperata can cure diseases of whitish and bladder stones, but besides that Imperata is often used as a mixture of beverages to overcome the internal heat.