How To Keep Your Productivity High At Work

Working long hours at work can be draining and tiresome. Whether it’s working at a desk or doing bricklaying, it can take a lot out of you both physically and mentally. With a lot of work to do, it’s important that productivity can be maintained so it can be completed to a high standard. There are ways you can help to make sure that productivity remains high. Consider these tips for making the most of the hours in your day.

Start Your Morning Right

How you set up your morning is essential to how you act for the rest of the day. Getting a good night’s rest, having everything organised the night before and understanding your priorities for the day can all help towards making the best use of your time. You won’t be rushing to get things done in a frantic way and instead, your mindset will be clear to tackle the more important stuff. Have breakfast, do a spot of yoga. Any little tasks will all help towards making your day productive.

Try The Ivy Lee Approach

This is an old productivity strategy. The method suggests that you should write down a list of 6 things that you wish to complete the next day and each one is listed by its level of importance, with the most important at the top and least important at the bottom. However, don’t think you need to rush the task early on in the day. The idea is to tick each one off as you get it completed in the day, moving on to the next one gradually.

Remain Positive

There appears to be a close connection between how we feel, to the productivity of our work. Developing a good mood means that you can have a better outlook on your work going forward. Try to surround yourself with people who are positive and cheerful. It’ll help to rub off on your mood and increase the chance of productivity levels rising.

Improve The Air Quality

Having poor air quality in the workplace can affect the overall mood and health of your colleagues. It can create a muggy atmosphere that can lead to sickness or contribute to employees finding it difficult to concentrate. Consider investing in industrial ventilation systems that can circulate good air quality around the office and keep clean air flowing throughout the day. Larger companies may revert to stainless steel ductwork solutions where dust and fumes are circulated regularly in a closed space.

Stay Hydrated

In order to maintain high levels of productivity, the body requires to be fully hydrated. Studies have shown that drinking water, it can increase your productivity levels by 14{241b93684e361eb7a9e196169cfff84e57f39f34e1d5ecfe99f1b0aa1236088c}. Look to take a water bottle with you to work or have the manager invest in a water cooler. You also have an excuse to do a bit of exercise too, taking regular trips to the water fountain, and potentially the restroom too!

Keeping on top of workloads at work can be a struggle as it is. Increasing productivity levels is one way this can be achieved. It’ll help you to stay motivated and complete the work you cravingly wish to accomplish.