As the New Year begins, so do the New Year’s resolutions which include a drink and gym membership. If you are wondering is drinksupermarket reliable then, I can assure you that it is. Also, you can check out fitness companies reviews to get yourself started on a fitness and diet plan if you haven’t already.

At a time like this, you may feel the need to give up drinking as it could get in the way of your new health-conscious routine – but the question is: Do you really need to?

The answer is no, which may come as surprise to many because alcohol and fitness usually aren’t usually grouped in the same category.

Here are some reasons why you can still enjoy that glass of red wine tonight while remaining healthy and fit!

 Wine can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases

In a study done by the Researchers from the European Society of Cardiology, a group of individuals were made to consume moderate amounts of red wine 5 days a week while simultaneously exercising, whereas a separate group of individuals were made to consume red wine without any exercise during that time period. It was found that the individuals who had only drunk had no significant increase or decrease in levels of cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides, or levels of inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein.

Combining drinking with exercise

The research found that Individuals who drank and exercised too, there was a dramatic decrease in cholesterol levels, hence researchers concluded that with the aid of exercise, wine can prove to be beneficial for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Wine consumption stimulates the release of endorphins

Endorphins create a sense of well-being and pleasure in humans, which can either act as motivation to exercise or can provide a rewarding feeling when you are finished with your work-out, hence a glass of wine before or after you exercise can be quite beneficial.

The endorphins released after exercise, when paired with the endorphins released due to drinking a glass of wine, can create an intense reaction that our body remembers and wants to replicate again, therefore we subconsciously encourage ourselves to exercise.

Wine can help burn fat and maintain it

Grapes contain ellagic acid, a compound which dramatically slows down the growth and development of existing fat cells and also slows down the formation of new ones, as discovered by the University of Nebraska and the University of Florida. This boosts the metabolism of fatty acids in the liver cells.

 However, it is important to note that while ellagic acid slows down the formation and development of fat cells, it can not fully prevent it, nor can it burn fat cells, which is why it is important to pair exercise and a glass of wine together. Exercise helps to burn the fat and then the wine helps to keep your body fat maintained.

Conclusively, wine can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, release endorphins, and maintain the level of fat in your body, it must be kept in mind that your wine consumption should not exceed a moderate, optimum amount – which is a glass a day for women and up to two glasses a day for men – in order to benefit you. Too much alcohol consumption can have adverse effects on your health!