Especially for Husband, Here Are 5 Ways to Generate Wife’s Sexual Passion, No Need to Be Shy

For matters of beds, husbands are often more passionate to do it than wives. Sometimes a husband is shy when asking his wife to have sex. Most of them don’t know how to arouse a wife’s sexual arousal, so again they do things that have been done before in bed.

The husbands hope to find what the wife wants without ever asking directly. Some of them claimed to be afraid of disappointing their wives or even fearing rejection.

Though actually, the way to seduce a woman is not as complicated as what men imagine so far. There is no need to spend money to buy flowers or jewelry so that the wife kneels. If you want to make your wife feel comfortable and pleasure, you should Buy Viagra on Canadian Pharmacy to make your erection stay last longer. So, with that, your wife will reach orgasm for sure.

How to arouse wife’s sexual arousal

In fact, the way to arouse a wife’s sexual arousal is quite simple, for example by holding her tight and long or removing bangs that disturb her eyes when she is busy watching a favorite series.

A sex counselor and founder of the Good in Bed website, Ian Kerner, gave 5 tips on how to arouse wife’s sexual arousal.

1. Make your wife’s mind calm and relaxed

Men and women feel sexual desire differently.

“If a man sees something sexy or just thinks about sexy things, then sexual desire immediately arises – the desire to have sex,” Kerner said.

While women need to take several steps before their sexual desires arise. These stages are psychological and are associated with a relaxed state of mind.

Kerner said that there are parts of the female brain that must be deactivated, namely those related to anxiety and stress.

Why is that? So that women can get aroused. get a sexual response, and feel an orgasm. So, to arouse a wife’s sexual desire is to make her feel relaxed and calm.

2. Hug your wife as if she will leave you

Who is not happy if you are given love?

Husbands may be surprised to learn that the fastest way to arouse a wife’s sexual arousal can begin with a soft and slow hug.

3. Foreplay is the main menu

Don’t assume kissing is just a kiss, but can keep the fire of love from going out easily.

“I think men need to understand the concept of foreplay. Not only do it in the bedroom, but husband and wife can also try to do outside the bedroom, and find the days and hours that have the potential to bring you both to sexual intimacy. “

In the room, the husband can explore the wife’s body even further, not only limited to the points that you have known all along.

Outside the bedroom, foreplay can be expressed in many ways, as simple as saying “Bun, Daddy miss.” Or “Dad can’t wait to see Mother tonight.” When you have to work overtime that night.

4. Make the wife feel desired

According to Kerner, sex and self-esteem are closely related.

If a wife feels unattractive, then usually she is reluctant to have sex with her husband.

“Men don’t need to feel sexy when they want to make love. While women need to feel that they are attractive. Often, the wife’s responsibility for home and work makes her feel unattractive. “

Therefore, it takes the husband’s support to make the wife feel sexy. If a partner does not feel sexy and is reluctant to have sex, then the husband must restore his wife’s trust by making her feel needed.

Make the wife feel attractive by rubbing her hair (even though she sweats after taking care of the house). Tell him that you like him when he wears the negligee as he climbs into bed. Who knows next time the wife instead took the initiative to take a shower while still wearing her favorite negligee and teasing you.

5. Charity sex

This last tip is reserved for women.

It might sound funny, but the charity of sex is having sex when the husband wants it. What is meant by charity sex is when a husband is aroused but Mother is not too moody.

Instead of refusing, try to follow the husband’s game. Why is that? The reason is very simple and reasonable.

Sometimes, weeks go by and finally, Mother and husband do nothing. There is always a reason to refuse to make love, although not always the reason comes from Mother. It could be because the husband lacks sleep, the hormone testosterone also decreases so he is not in the mood for sex.

Kerner revealed that when we are accustomed to not having sex, the body becomes accustomed to not having it so that Mother forgets how nice it is to make love. You and your husband need intimacy in marriage, and therefore need to continue.

Just like taking a yoga class on Sunday morning, sometimes the body feels reluctant to get out of bed and go there. However, after you finish attending class, you realize that you enjoy it so much.