Cannabis For Medical Interest in Indonesia

According to Inang Winarso, Executive Director of the Sativa Nusantara Cannabis Foundation has the benefit of being a medicine for various diseases. Cannabis extract can produce quite a lot. From 100 kilograms of marijuana, can produce 10 kilograms of extract. The dosage for the drug only requires a few milligrams or 1 rice seed.

One of the patients who used marijuana extract for medical purposes was an 11-year-old boy from Yogyakarta. He suffered from cerebral palsy and was unable to move all of his limbs.

However, after consuming marijuana extract as much as 1/3 of a grain of rice every night, he began to gradually be able to function his limbs. The mother chose to give testimony in one of the magazines to open the eyes of the world that Indonesia is rich in marijuana, a useful plant that is even considered as illicit goods.

Marijuana has been investigated recently in terms of its use for medical purposes. One of them as a temporary glaucoma drug because it can reduce eye pressure. However, glaucoma. Org doesn’t recommend it for long-term use because marijuana also lowers blood pressure. The drop in blood pressure results in a decrease in the blood supply to the eye’s nerves, and its long-term effects can actually reduce vision. Now you can easily buy a medical cannabis at Canadian Pharmacy.

In addition, marijuana is also used for neurological diseases, such as epileptic seizures. Recently, there is Epidiolex, a drug produced by pharmaceutical companies, of which 99 percent of the extract is pure oil from cannabidiol (a substance contained in marijuana). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has given permission for epilepsy treatment centers to use this drug for severe epilepsy patients.

Active components of cannabis, cannabinoids, are also widely studied for their use in treating tumors and cancer. Many studies have shown that cannabinoids have the potential as anticancer agents. But, the function of cannabis-related to cancer has not been fully explained by the mechanism, so that marijuana has not become a standard treatment. If you want to buy good quality and licensed medical cannabis, you can see the information on Canadian Pharmacy Online.

Although the efficacy of cannabis to combat cancer roots is still controversial, its use for pain relief that accompanies therapy in cancer patients has been widely recognized. In addition to cancer, he also helped alleviate the suffering of people who had recently undergone very painful surgery.

However, in Indonesia, the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes is still difficult to achieve due to the resistance of large communities. Most people think and understand marijuana based on myths and ignore the latest scientific findings.