It has been said for a very long time that the ozone layer is depleting and people need to do a joint effort to save the planet from completely depleting.

Saving the planet is for the benefit of each and everyone living and existing on the planet. One major way to play your part in saving the planet is to reduce your carbon footprint. The most common way that people release carbon into the atmosphere is through transportation.

Driving vehicles from one point to another releases carbon into the atmosphere that contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. You can check UK.collected.reviews for expert reviews and opinions on other ways that carbon is released into the atmosphere.

Using public transport is a way to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases because there are fewer vehicles on the road, however, to bring the emission of gases to the barest minimum, it is recommended that people make use of bicycles for movement from one place to another. The emission of gases in your home and office can be reduced by using the best energy-saving appliances. You may ask how bicycles reduce our carbon footprint, well, here are some answers.

1.     Reduced Driving Emission:

Biking is a greener option when it comes to transportation when compared to cars, buses, and other means of transportation. Other than reducing carbon footprints, it has been discovered that biking also helps to reduce traffic congestion because there are fewer cars on the road and people can get to their destinations faster.

2.     Reduced Production Emission:

Bikes are smaller and easier to produce and assemble when compared to vehicles. During the production of cars, different parts are designed in different parts of the world and these parts are brought together to be assembled in another location. From the designing of the individual parts to the transportation to the assembly plant to the running of the assembly plant, gases are constantly released into the atmosphere. However, producing a bike requires less energy as some of the materials used to make the bike are renewable materials.

3.     Reduced Demand for Metals:

Metals used in the production of parts of cars are usually mined from the earth and during mining, air, land, and water are polluted. Mining destroys vegetation, pollutes water, and contributes to global warming. However, bikes can be made by renewing existing resources a

nd saves the world the need to mine for metals.

4.     Better Use of Space:

 Bikes require only a small space to drive and park. Using bikes can save space and these spaces can be used to plant trees and save the earth. Imagine riding on a narrow street with beautiful trees planted on both sides, this can provide more oxygen and help to make the environment healthier and more beautiful.

5.     Effective for Short Journeys:

Understandably, bikes cannot be used to travel long distances, however, studies have proven that using cars to travel short distances wastes fuel and releases harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Biking to work is fun, is a means of exercise, and is also beneficial to the environment and the world at large. When you are driving, always make sure to drive carefully, install a bell to alert people when you are approaching.